How to Upload your Video

Step 1

Sign up for a YouTube account. Go to and follow the prompts. Pick a sensible user name for your YouTube account. Videos submitted from accounts with offensive usernames will be disqualified from the competition.

Step 2
Once your account has been created, login to YouTube here: and click the Upload button.

Step 3
Click the yellow Upload button. Locate the video on your computer to upload it.

step 2, 3

Step 4
Supply the following details for your film:

  • a Title and Description
  • select the 'Film & Animation' category
  • next to the Privacy options, select 'Unlisted'

Click Save changes (it's OK to do this while your film is still uploading). It may take a few minutes for the upload to complete.

step 4

Step 5
Once your film has finished uploading, YouTube will supply a web address for it (next to where it says 'Your video will be live in a moment at:'). Copy the web address and send it to

step 5

That's it. Good luck!